We are a group of real estate investors seeking a means to meet and interact with other like minded investors and related professionals, so we can all do more deals and conduct more business.

Based on this premise, we have the following guidelines for our Networking After Hours events:

Local Speakers

Monthly events will include lots of ways to interact and topics of interest presented by local speakers, with no selling speakers. If a speaker is not local to New England, they will be speaking on a topic of interest to real estate investors and not selling a program or course.

No Selling Speakers

Speakers will not sell books, tapes, CD’s, courses, bootcamps or mentoring programs at our networking meetings.

No Seeking ``Investors``

Attendees are welcome to bring deals to buy and sell, and to introduce themselves to the group. No presentation of “investment opportunities” such as real estate syndications. No seeking “Investors or Partners”. This is an SEC violation. No offering of “mentorship programs”.

No Multi-level or Network Marketing

Multi-level marketing programs are not allowed in this venue. Please do not solicit other attendees that you meet for multi-level programs during or after the meeting.

Patronize the Venue

Because we are a free event, we depend on the welcome of our venue providers, and would encourage you to patronize the restaurant during the event. Join us before and after the event for a snack, meal or beverage.

No Memberships, no Dues

There are no membership dues and therefore no long list of discounts and other perks as benefits of membership. Just a small event charge of $10 at the door to help us defray the cost of the events.
We reserve the right to change any of the above policies as conditions warrant. Any changes will be made public and announced at events and on this page.