Online September 15th, 2020


The Best of Black Diamond




Black Diamond has big news!



Hello friends,  

It has been 8 years since we formed Black Diamond Real Estate Investors, holding our first meeting in August of 2012, and in that time, many things have changed, and many things have stayed the same.   The real estate market has gone from the bottom (or close to it), to what many feel is nearing the top. 

We have worked hard to bring you valuable local content without spam, selling speakers, or constant barrages from real estate gurus.  We hope we’ve been successful. 

The Black Diamond partners will all continue in their real estate endeavors individually, but we have decided that Black Diamond, as a “group” or “entity” will not continue in its present form.  Networking is still crucial to all of our businesses, but running a group is a business in itself, and we have decided to change course. 

Our last Zoom meeting will be a networking session and a “Best of Black Diamond”, and will be held on September 15, so that we can stay in touch and answer questions, have some fun and conversation, and plan for our Last Hurrah!  Please bring an adult beverage, it should be very entertaining by drink #2!   (Once Covid is over, we plan to have an in-person party, just for fun and to see old friends!) 


Here is what will stay the same: 

The Facebook Group, which is VERY active, will stay the same with no name change.  It is a fabulous source of referrals and communication, and it will continue as is.  If you haven’t joined, now is the time! 


Here is what will change: 

We will no longer have monthly meetings after September.   

The Meetup Group called  “Black Diamond Real Estate Investors – Burlington and Worcester” will be transitioned to AA Real Estate Group, as Nick Aalerud and his team continue to hold content-rich meetups apart from Black Diamond.  This will streamline that process for him.  The name will change to REI Unleashed.  It will no longer be Black Diamond. will contain links to the four partners should you wish to reach out.  Meeting content will not be updated.   

The Facebook Page will contain links to the four partners but will not be updated with events. 

We thank you for your support for 8 years, and we are sad to go.  We will all be continuing in our respective businesses, however, and will hope to continue to work with all of you for many years to come. 



With best wishes and hope for your prosperity,  

The Black Diamond Partners 

Ann Bellamy 

Nick Aalerud 

Daniel Stroe 

Jared Smith 



Please bring your experiences and questions to share with the group, because as always, the presentation is interactive.


Who: All are welcome

What: we have the best real estate investing networking in Massachusetts, and the highest percentage of seasoned investors. No sales pitches, no selling speakers, no multi-level marketing, no memberships.

Where: Online Zoom:

When: Tuesday September 15th, 6PM  Program starts

Networking starts at 6pm
Program starts at 6:30pm

Burlington Marriott