Why is Black Diamond giving away an iPad? 

  • Because it’s cool
  • Because we can
  • Because we want you to come to our Christmas networking party
  • Because now that we’ve bought it, we can’t just let it sit there
  • Because Julia said a $25 gift card to Home Depot just wasn’t cutting it
  • All of the above (and Julia really did say that the gift card was lame)


Our December “Networking After Hours” will have
A different kind of networking format, so you’ll know who you want to connect with – BRING LOTS OF BUSINESS CARDS TO THIS ONE, not just a few

Door prizes, including the aforementioned iPad!  (You must actually be in the room to win.)

Cash bar and menu

A Special Guest Speaker giving a very short presentation – I guarantee you’ve never heard of or seen this guy before!

Plenty of people in the room with loads of experience and contacts – we are THE real estate investing network in Massachusetts

Less sitting in a chair listening, and more interactive networking



March 6


01:00 am

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