All the real estate gurus teach newbie investors that they should start with wholesaling houses.  Why?  Because it takes no cash and no credit.  So it must be a way to make quick cash to build up for your rehabbing or buy-and-hold business, right?  They make it sound easy peasy, so they can sell you their bootcamp, class, or mastermind  course.  The reality is far different, in fact it is much harder than rehabbing.  And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the statement “I’m going to start with wholesaling and build up some quick cash…”  And then they fall off the planet and vanish, because they are unprepared for the reality.

Nick Aalerud and Rob Reutzel are successful wholesalers and rehabbers who have been around the block and are ready to discuss some of the perceptions, pitfalls and preparations involved in wholesaling real estate.

You will hear:

  • ·       Public perceptions of wholesaling and how to deal with it
  • ·       Most frequent mistakes made by wholesalers
  • ·       Institutional (read as bank) restrictions on wholesaling
  • ·       Discussion of “If I can’t buy your house from you, I’ll list it for you.”
  • ·       Licensees vs non-licensees
  • ·       Disclosure as a licensee vs “Buyer Beware” on a commercial transaction

Be sure to bring examples of the challenges that you have experienced with regard to wholesaling and experienced investors, plase be ready to jump in and discuss your experiences as well.


February 21


01:00 am

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