Did you have a great year in real estate investing?  Or maybe not this year, but you’re ramping up to be even better in2018.    Or are you a planner, who wants to figure out tax savings before you make your money? By the time you get to January, 2017 is over, and it’s too late to change your tax bill for last year.  Or is it?  And certainly, we want to consider alternative strategies for 2018 to lessen that bite a little, too.

Rajeev Kotyan is a Principal at Innovative Advisory Group, responsible for compliance, risk management, and alternative investment strategies.  He has personally been investing in alternative investments since 1998, with his strategies mainly focused on real estate and related assets and structures. And now, there may be a new tax bill in place by the time we have this presentation, so we will be sure to update you of any changes in the new bill.

You will hear:
  • Who can have a Solo 401k or a Self Directed IRA, both regular and Roth 
  • Comparisons of the structures, and contribution limits 
  • A sample deal and how it would fare under different tax structures 
  • When you can collateralize your account (borrow against it) and when you can borrow from it 
  • What triggers UBIT (a tax on your IRA) 
    and the small distinctions that help you legally avoid it 
  • Other options and when you can mix and match 
  • And more …

February 21


01:00 am

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