“Cap rates are a better indicator of performance than an estimator of value.” Ok, let’s think about that for a sec. If true, it means that half of what we think we understand about cap rates is probably wrong, or maybe just a guess. I mean, don’t you just take your NOI, apply the cap rate, and poof! Instant value? No? Well explain, please.

Steve McGovern is a Founding Manager of Merrimack-Atlantic Property Group, and consults with individual investors and large corporations on site development. He is going to delve into this concept and explore some of the nuances of cap rates and asset valuations, making something that is an ever-moving target into a comprehensible tool.

You will hear:
  • The three types of appraisals and why each 
  • How the intended use of the property affects the rate
  • How condition plays into the equation
  • The impact of overall market conditions.

As always, the presentation is interactive with plenty of time for questions. Bring your friends and plan on dinner and drinks. For those of you who are new to the world of commercial investing, here are some links to brush up on cap rates:



February 21


01:00 am

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