Most presentations on tax planning for your real estate investments are dry as dust. Important? Yes. Need to know? Yes. Exciting? Hardly. And if numbers aren’t your thing, you’ll do anything to avoid listening to a lecture on taxes. Cleaning your dryer vent might be more fun.

But not this time! John Hyre is a CPA, a real estate attorney, a self-directed IRA expert, and a real estate investor himself. He’s also opinionated, political, vocal, and not shy. His presentations on taxes and keeping more of what you earn are liberally sprinkled with commentary on our tax system, our government and entitlements. You will be educated, amused, entertained and possibly infuriated, but never bored!

Here are some of the points he will cover:

  • Accelerated Depreciation – turning 27 year depreciation into 5
  • Bookkeeping & Tracking: Why it’s critical and how to make it easier
  • How to deal with an audit: What do do when you get that letter, and what NOT to do
  • The IRS Fighters: The inside scoop on national “pay pennies on the dollar” tax debt relief firms
  • The new rules for repair expense vs capitalization to be depreciated slowly
  • Lots of Q&A
  • This is the new form 3115 causing so much confusion, expense and heartache
  • Includes the Safe Harbor and the BAR rules

March 9


01:00 am

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