The market is strong, so maybe you are selling a property to step up to something larger.  Or maybe you are revamping your portfolio into more passive investments:  avoiding the “tenants, toilets and trouble!”  It’s definitely a good time to be a seller, except when the taxman wants his piece of the pie.

Lynne Bagby is a Certified Exchange Specialist (CES®) and Northeast Division Manager for Asset Preservation, Inc., one or the nation’s most well-regarded Qualified Intermediary firms for 1031 exchanges. Lynne has worked in the 1031 industry for 17 years and has assisted in the facilitation of thousands of 1031 exchange transactions; teaches continuing ed classes for credit to real estate agents & commercial brokers and conducts 1031 exchange presentations for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and investors throughout New England.   Jack Creighton is a nationally known real estate expert and DST specialist. 


This discussion will focus on how you can exchange a property into something larger or more passive, or both, and own Blue Chip top of the line properties: Run with the Big Dogs even if you’re a Chihuahua!  There is no selling at this event, as always, just a discussion of techniques, pros and cons.  

You will learn: 

    • The 4 different taxes on long term capital gains (yes FOUR!) 
    • The difference between a TIC (Tenant In Common) and a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) 
    • Why we are not talking about Deferred Sales Trusts (another DST acronym) 
    • The pros and cons of 1031 exchanges and DST’s  
    • How to offer an exit strategy to a multi-family seller when you want to buy but he doesn’t want to pay taxes 
  • How to access better bigger and better properties than you might think with the sophisticated investment decision making that insurance companies and pension funds enjoy 



February 21


01:00 am

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