That’s what PreservationMass called Abbott Mill. 

Did you miss our presentation on this project?  Well, here is your chance, because we now have updates!  We all know of a few old mill projects that have been converted to nice apartments or commercial spaces, and some of us have even been involved in a couple.  But can you imagine a project like this? 

•       13 different buildings with complicated requirements 

•       Some were tear-downs, some were rehabs 

•       Some had to be moved! 

•       2 levels of underground parking with tunnels 

•       Restoration of a hydroelectric turbine and installation of a canal heat exchanger (Really?!!? Who even knows what a canal heat exchanger is?) 

•       Property is on the National Register of Historic Places 

•       All under the auspices of the National Park Service  

•       Phase II adds an additional 102 units which is new since the last discussion 

•       Phase III includes an indoor sports facility 


Chris Yule, developer of the project, said Phase 1 of the Abbot Mill in Westford MA took 8-9 years from acquisition to occupancy, with 2 ½ years just for the parking, and over 2 years to build, yielding 131 units in combination of loft, flat and townhome units, not including the units in Phase II.  Some of the incorporated energy efficiencies include: 

•       High efficiency building envelope 

•       350 KW of photo voltaic power on the rooftop 

•       Heating and cooling run off a gravity driven hydrothermal system using canal water  

•       100% LED lighting 

The project benefited from Historic Rehab Tax credits and received an award from the Engineering New Record.  Join us as Chris recaps his challenges and eventual outcomes with this project, as he consistently sought the highest level of energy efficiency possible.


February 21


01:00 am

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