Curious about solar energy, either for a rehab, a long term hold property, or even your own house?  Wondering how to make it pay, and navigate the labyrinth of energy tax credits?  Can you add solar to a rehab and reap additional profit?
Stephen Hirsh is the President of Solar Farm Bank, specializing in Renewable Energy production in MA, NH and VT and on the Board of Directors of MASOA.
Here are some of the points he will discuss:
  • Why Solar energy is the new granite counter top  in rehab projects
  • Different types of renewable energy and which is the most practical for you
  • How solar is good for your business
  • Tips on selling a property with a solar installation
  • Why photovoltaic
  • How solar can improve the profit on a project
  • How to tell if it will work on your site
Stephen works with developers and redevelopers in determining if solar will work for your project, handling installation from start to finish, and maximizing your savings and profit from the installation.  You will leave with a good understanding of how to best determine if solar will work on your next project, and what next steps to take.

February 21


01:00 am

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