We’ve all heard people swear by the benefits of a Nevada Corporation, or extol the virtues of a Delaware Series LLC.  Maybe it’s the Wyoming bandwagon that they want you to jump on.  Or a trust – isn’t that the one that protects your identity so no one knows who owns the property?

And the tax benefits, don’t forget those…How do you look past the hype to understand how best to set up your entity for your business?

Attorney Alan Segal has worked in real estate and asset protection for over 30 years is well versed in these concepts and questions and will help us understand the differences.

You will learn:

  • When to use a trust, and when NOT to
  • Whether a Series LLC will help you avoid multiple annual fees for your multiple entities
  • When it pays to change the structure of your business even though you’ve been fine up til now
  • What structure is the riskiest from a liability perspective
  • When to nest structures to provide privacy and asset protection
  • What’s behind the flood of people flocking to Nevada or Wyoming corporations 
  • When you can draft your own operating agreement

Perhaps you heard Alan at Tim Walls’ presentation on “Post foreclosure eviction pitfalls:  when you can’t foreclose and you can’t evict”.  He provided great information then and you’ll learn even more at this event.  Join us for networking, cash bar and great info; don’t  forget to plan to order dinner.


March 5


01:00 am

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