Mold and asbestos: You’re rehabbing a house or multifamily building, and the contractor demos the walls and ceilings. You find they are unexpectedly full of mold. The next day the contractor and his crew are sick. Are you liable? And you then find those roof leaks had been going on for a LONG time, and all the walls are black inside. Do you have to tear down the whole house? And how do you know?

Are you aware of the new regulation in MA that requires ALL renovations to have an asbestos survey?

John Bachand is a Massachusetts attorney certified by the MA Superior Court as an expert in the law and science of asbestos. He has consulted on asbestos for 21 years in both MA and NH.

You will learn:

  • Your liability in the cases of severe mold and significant asbestos, both as a rehabber and as a landlord
  • How to manage insurance claims for asbestos
  • When you should test, and when you shouldn’t
  • How to keep the testing and remediation separate to insure accountability and give credence to the results
  • When the wealthy landlord assumes the financial burden (you’re all wealthy, right?)
  • Understanding how to avoid surprises – ka ching!

February 21


01:00 am

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