Part I:  Single family deals

Did you ever wonder why you keep getting beat out on the “best flips”?

How are some investors able to weed out the time wasters and beeline to the best deals.  What do they know that you don’t?


Here is an example:

Your brother in law calls you to tell you about this house that would be a great rehab.  Do you

1.   Rush to the property to see it?

2.   Rush to your pc to research it?

3.   Neither, you finish watching the latest episode of Shark Tank

If you answered 1, boy, do you need to come to this event.  If you answered 2, we’re going to give you some tips to make your screening even better.  If you answered 3, then get a DVR so you can watch it later, and come to our meeting anyway.

You will hear:

  • How to rule out 9 out of 10 of those time wasting properties from the comfort of your PC
  • The Top criteria for filtering leads and how to assign weight to leads depending on the source
  • How to spend more time doing deals instead of driving around
  • How to take that huge list of available properties and narrow it down to some real prospects that you can zero in on

Here is an example:


At face value the house on Main street looks like a winner.  It’s got the square footage, the lot size and even the white picket fence sure to tug on your buyers heartstrings.  But will it make you money?

If you are saying to yourself something like ” My agent does all the screening  for me.” Think again.  So go buy a DVR, and mark your calendar for our fun event.



March 6


01:00 am

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