The standard Mass-approved purchase & sales contract is built to help deals go through smoothly, right? Fair to both parties?

Hmmm – ever tried to be nice in giving a seller some time to find a new place … and end up either in escrow forever or as an unintended landlord? And, did you know you can’t waive the smoke certificate requirement even when it’s a gut rehab?

Have you ever wanted to get in on that condo craze, but your condo docs aren’t recorded in the right place yet, (they can take 6 months!) and you lose your buyer due to one simple clause in the P&S?

These, along with other clauses those “other” attorneys will throw in AFTER the offer, and more will be discussed this coming May 15th as investor-friendly and commercial attorney Brandy Schlesinger from Grugnale and Schlesinger comes to discuss why we should NEVER just accept a standard form P&S agreement for our purchases.


February 21


01:00 am

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