Buying a foreclosure property from a bank with the previous owner still in the property?  You absolutely need to hear this first!  Circumstances and precedent in Massachusetts create instances where you can buy a property, not own it, not be able to re-foreclose to get clear title, and not be able to evict the squatters in your house.  But you paid for it!

Tim Walls bought a property as an REO and can’t evict the squatter in the house.  He’s going to discuss his case, how it happened, what he learned from it, and what not to do!

You will hear:

  • How one man managed to live for free, and evade eviction in Massachusetts, for over six years!
  • What happens when the judge says you don’t actually own the property, even though your name is on the deed. 
  • How the Title Insurance Company can (and will) legally deny your claim.
  • What is the difference between a squatter, and  oldover tenant anyway?
  • How the Board of Health can be your best friend, or our worst enemy as a landlord.
  • Choosing the right attorney – what they need to do to protect you.
  • Why US Bank vs. Schumacher is so important to investors in Massachusetts

Attorney Richard Vetstein who writes will join us to field the legal questions that will inevitably arise, so this will be a really great case study conversation!


March 5


01:00 am

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