Do you hear “oil spill” and drop the project faster

than you sold your BP stock? Do “contamination” and “environmental regulation” give you indigestion?  (Lots of ‘tions goin’ on there) .

Matt Donaghue is going to give us some approaches to environmental issues that may have you rethinking your strategy,  and Jonathan Moore will discuss the due diligence process and technical side when dealing with these issues.

You will hear:


  • Different types of environmental problems you may encounter
  • How to evaluate when there may be a value play
  • When you could get a $50,000 discount on a problem that costs $5,000 to fix
  • How to manage the environmental issues
  • Evaluating the financial risk
  • When to walk away


  • Evaluations from both the legal and technical perspective

Matt Donahue practices law in NH and MA, specializing in business litigation and environmental law.  Jonathan Moore has 24 years in environmental consulting.  They will help you turn down the environmental fear dial so you can confidently evaluate your risks and opportunities.



March 6


01:00 am

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