Ever bought a property only to find out later that you don’t own what you think you own? Have you ever put up an expensive fence and then found out you put it on your neighbor’s property?  Does your neighbor’s lot line go through the middle of the living room and you don’t even know it?  What if you were planning on flipping this property quickly?  Now what?

Attorney Julie McNeill specializes solely in land law and has over 20 years of experience working with state regulatory agencies, private law firms and government contracting companies.  She successfully argued at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court regarding a zoning appeal, resulting in significant press coverage.

You will hear:

  • How boundary issues occur and the first place and how to prevent them
  • Why you can’t rely on the plot plan (Didn’t get a plot plan? Really?)
  • Why boundary issues may have started decades ago
  • What sort of actions reveal the problems
  • Resolutions
  • How you can own a property but not have legal access to it
  • Easements and how they affect your rights to the property
  • When to bring in a land attorney
  • How to check properties you own now before you go to sell them
  • Red flags that may tip you off to a potential issue
  • Out of court amicable solutions
  • In court solutions OMG solutions!

Julie practices in the areas of boundary and access disputes, zoning, planning, conservation, title issues and environmental approvals.


March 5


01:00 am

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