What’s the real scoop?  Does it really save you money?

Have you wondered if buying a modular home can really save you the big bucks they claim? Does it go just as slick as slick can be, or is it really one big headache? And what about public perception of quality?

Nick Aalerud is a modular home dealer and a developer who built a Tyngsboro colonial as an investor, and was his own dealer in the purchase. So he knows the process from both sides and will talk about the pros and cons.

You will hear:

  • If you can really save 30-40% over stick built
  • What the rough costs are for stick built vs modular
  • What the pros are for this process, and more importantly, the CONS!
  • How modular does under the HERS regulations – and what the differences are in the process
  • How to choose a manufacturer
  • What to expect from the dealer
  • Where to find a set crew and crane
  • If there is a negative impact on ARV due to public perception



February 21


01:00 am

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