Massachusetts has some of the most tenant friendly laws and courts in the nation.  But we still choose to buy properties for cash flow.  Lack of knowledge can get us in trouble and cost us a bundle so we’re always looking for ways to stay on top of our properties, tenants and cash flow.

We’ve assembled a panel of three experts:  Brian Lucier, a landlord with a flawless eviction record, Henry Raphaelson  an attorney specializing in landlord/tenant law, and Dave Fleckner, an experienced property manager, all working in Worcester County.  We’re going to throw some of the most pressing and convoluted questions at them, and we invite you to bring your questions too.


You will learn:

  • The 5 biggest red flags on tenant applicants
  • When you must start the eviction process in order to avoid eviction
  • When discrimination is not discrimination
  • How to take a deposit to reserve a unit, and make it non-refundable
  • How to refund a security deposit if the previous tenant is in jail (or you don’t have their address)
  • How to make an eviction stick when it’s not for non-payment
  • What you have to know when you buy a vacant multi

This will be an open discussion:  we have lots of questions for them, and some of you may have some we haven’t thought of.  So bring your questions and join us for dinner or drinks or both, while we have a frank discussion on some of the issues that even experienced landlords trip over.


March 5


01:00 am

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