Septic Systems: 


Ok, it’s a little crass, but it got your attention, didn’t it? 

As investors, we frequently deal with septic issues, both before and after we buy a property.  Sometimes they are planned for, and sometimes they are a “Surprise!”

Septic truck

When you are armed with knowledge, then planning for a “Surprise” is just budgeting, buying right, and writing a check, not a scary black hole.  <Reference intended>Rob Scott knows his stuff <notice I didn’t go down that path again> and we’re going to quiz him on the ins and outs of septic systems in Massachusetts.

This will be an interview format, and here are just a few of the questions we’re throwing at him:

  • How many kinds of systems are there?
  • Which ones are the most expensive?
  • How do I know which type I’ll need?
  • Which towns are the most difficult to work with?  The easiest?
  • If you suspect a system is failing, what is the process, and where do you start?
  • What do I look for at the Board of Health?
  • What are the red flags that will drive my costs up?
  • How difficult is it to upgrade a system from a 3BR to a 4BR?
  • Are there easy fixes instead of replacing the whole system?

As always, we will leave time for questions, so bring your note books.  Because this is an interview format, there will be no presentation to download.



March 6


01:00 am

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