Advanced Business Tools for Real Estate Rehabbers & Landlords – Tips from your Local Chick

Ever asked yourself how you can effectively double your IRA contribution per year… while still using it to invest in real estate?  What happens to your business when your partner suddenly becomes very ill, or dies??  (Horror story promised!)

Come and hear Jen Aalerud speak on these higher-level topics.  They will definitely make you think in an entirely different way.  

Jen has been working on these programs for a while now, and has been waiting for the right time to educate people on them.  With the IRS recruiting people in droves to bring in more tax revenue (to fund our brilliant spending budget) and Obamacare costing billions more and people losing their health care coverage across the country… where’s the SENSE of it all?  More importantly… WHAT WEAPONS do I have, to STAY AHEAD OF THE TAX MONSTER??


You’ll Learn…

  • Why real estate rehabbers, landlords, and small business-owners specifically can benefit with an HSA – and how to use it to invest in real estate.
  • Setting up your personal funding source to grow your $$ and use it tax free at the same time.
  • Other ways to beat taxes and keep MORE of your money working for you – How to get $1 to work in 3 different ways.
  • And a bonus…What are the best INSIDER TRICKS for finding low-cost health insurance for the self-employed real estate investor?

March 5


01:00 am

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