Wondering why some deals are funded easily and some just …… aren’t?  Why do some people just sail through the funding piece and others flounder on the rocks?

We’re going to look at some of the criteria that a lender looks at when considering a rehab or buy-and-hold loan, as well as some potential problem deals from the lender’s perspective.  You’ll see examples of what constitutes a good deal to a lender, and what might make him pass.

You will learn:
  •  The five biggest red flags to a private or hard money lender
  • Why first-time rehabbers have a more difficult time getting funding
  • When size matters
  • Which deals get an automatic “sorry, have to pass”
  • When all the rules get broken
  • Packaging your loan
  • What could possibly happen? – some case studies of deals going bad

Ann Bellamy has been lending since 2006 in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, and having made most of the mistakes it is possible to make in 8 years, will share some of the insider perspectives she’s gained in looking at a hard money loan.  Come and discuss options in lending, and packaging your loan for approval.


March 5


01:00 am

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