Then why aren’t you using it to save you time and money?


As full-time investors, we personally spend 50% of our time outside of the office, visiting property leads, running analysis, checking in on the progress of rehabs, managing contractors, and meeting with potential investors or business partners. 

Sound familiar?

While out drumming up business, we’ve figured out a way to stay connected to the office, the place where all that business is executed.  So, even without access to the  fax, desktop files, and MLS, we use mobile technology to cut out lag time, avoid miscommunications, and get more deals done.

Join Us on November 27th at 6:30pm

Learn how using the right Mobile Apps can:

·         Give you a competitive advantage

·         Allow you to be more flexible

·         Make your business 100% more efficient

Being efficient plays a huge part in keeping you and your team motivated and focused, while minimizing frustrations all around.

We’ve compiled a list of the best mobile applications for Real Estate Investors and narrowed that list down to the Top 5 Apps. These featured apps allow you to:

… Help manage your projects and teams

…Stay on top of new properties as they are listed and price changes

…Pull comps on site

…Manage properties on the fly

… And the coolest real estate app we have ever seen!

Not only will you discover which apps are best, you will get instructions on how to optimize them for your business.

At Networking After Hours, our purpose is to get active investors together to share ideas and we encourage stimulating dialogue.  If you already use a business-boosting app, don’t be afraid to speak up! 

(It should be noted that, “Angry Birds” does not qualify as a business-boosting app, nor does the dangerously addictive mobile version of Scrabble.)

Networking After Hours Events Feature:

·         Free Events

·         No Membership Costs

·         Non-Selling Speakers

·         Great local topics presented by people actually doing it

·         30 seconds that you can tell your story

·         Casual relaxed fun atmosphere

·         No network marketing

·         And did I mention it was free?

Join us for a drink, dinner or a snack, and network with those who are doing.  We are the next new thing, and want you to hang out with us.



March 6


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