Listen to these Nightmare scenarios before you buy your next property!

Check these out, they can happen to you!

The father owns the property, but guess who sold it to you?  (Hint:  Not the owner!)

  • Bought any meth labs lately?  Are you sure?
  • Could you end up with a hazardous waste dump without even knowing it?
  • Is that pet odor really just cat pee?
  • Think TSA is bad at the airport?  Wait til Homeland Security attends your closing!

How can you protect yourself from these?  Is it even possible?

Attorney Meghan Grugnale has a library of Horror Stories just in time for Halloween.

Meghan is a real estate attorney licensed in MA and NH, and is third generation in her firm.  Which means she and her firm have plenty of experience dealing with the unexpected.  She’ll discuss the pitfalls to watch for, and how you can protect yourself from the unimaginable.

Our host, Antonio of Ristorante Marcellino, will have a bartender and server available for you to order dinner and drinks if you like, so come early and network with us.  They will be serving downstairs before the meeting, and upstairs during the meeting.   The food is great, the networking will be fantastic, and the speaker will be awesome!



March 6


01:00 am

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