When you go to a real estate investor event, do you feel as if everyone knows everyone, except for you, that is?  Does it feel like one big clique?  Or maybe you feel as if no one knows anyone, and where do you start?  Maybe you’ve stuck it out and know a bunch of people, and know you need even more!

Knowing the right people can make all the difference in real estate investing.  From the guy who brings you that sweet deal, to the attorney can close in just days, to the mortgage lender who can get your end buyer approved when their financing falls through, to the funding source who can drop everything to get your deal funded in 4 days:  these are the people who you need in your network and who can help you succeed.

We’re going to showcase three deals and talk about the value that the network brought to these investors, and how they were made easier, or even possible at all, with the help of others right here in the Black Diamond network.

  • A house with an extra lot:  The house was going to be sold as-is, but morphed into a rehab once the lot was sold
  • A multi-family condo conversion with tenants in place:  Not a deal for a beginner, but a beginner pulled it off through reaching out to others
  • An A to B to C deal where one lender funded both transactions speeding up the closings, but which hit some mold issues among other problems.

Come and network with us, meet more experienced investors to help get your deals done, and be sure to introduce yourself at our Introduction segment.  Cash bar and you can order dinner at the event!


March 5


01:00 am

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