Are you constantly playing catch up in your business?  Do you feel as if you are always reacting to the latest crisis instead of proactively growing?  Is it almost incomprehensible that you could possibly take on any more deals/projects/properties?

Newton Kershaw began his real estate investing career in 2009 with partner Dave Schleyer after years in investment banking and commercial real estate brokerage.  He and Dave soon found the need to systemize the business to facilitate their growth, and Newton will discuss the growing pains that many of us face today in our real estate investing, and the solutions that they implemented that fostered the the development of their business to what is it today.

You will hear:

  • The complimentary skills provided by the partners and other team members
  • Strategic partnerships and how they contribute to growth
  • How and when to implement policies and procedures
  • Building the team effectively, both employees and contractors 
  • How they accommodated huge jumps in workload capacity when taking on new acquisitions
  • Early lessons learned, and the mistakes they made
  • How to hire and fire, and most importantly, when!

This is NOT a discussion of how to be a landlord, although Elm Grove certainly manages many units, but rather a discussion of planning and implementing a successful strategy for growing your real estate business (or any other business, for that matter.)



February 21


01:00 am

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