When you choose a property to buy, do you consider the likelihood of eviction, and the cost you will incur?  Do you seek out those war zone areas because there is more opportunity?  Or do you run the other way? 

Xavier de Gracia (Harvard Business School MBA Class of 2017) and Antonio Munoz (Wharton Business School MBA Class of 2017), have been researching Massachusetts eviction data, pulling 80,000 records from the court system as they develop a business plan for their new venture Lock.In.  They have analyzed the data, and will give us some valuable insight into how it really breaks down.  Inessa Shur, of Shur Law Group, will look at risk mitigation and how you can minimize those costs by proper preparation.

You will hear:

·       The source of their data and why that matters

·       MA eviction rates, including best and worst zip codes

·       A deep dive into analysis of four popular cities in MA with large numbers of rentals

·       The time factor:  how long it REALLY takes to evict a tenant

·       Key factors in minimizing both your evictions and the duration of the process


February 21


01:00 am

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