Ever had a contractor walk off the job, no-show, or just plain do a lousy job?  What happens when he slaps a lien on your property, even if you don’t owe him a dime?  At the very best, working with contractors is a huge challenge.

Andrea Goldman, Esq of Goldman Law Group specializes in contractor disputes and will walk us through some of the best tips on working with them, so you don’t lose your shirt, or your sanity. 

You will hear:

  • Iron Clad Contractor Agreement & Clauses
  • Mechanics Liens – how they work and what you can do
  • Review the top 5 Contractor Disputes, and How to Nip them in the Bud (–> Change Orders, Warranties, Hidden Defects, Payment Schedules, Authorized Parties to Speak on Owner / Contractor’s Behalf)
  • Tips on How to ensure a successful project – payment schedules, communication, Change Order Procedures, Fixed Price Vs Time & Materials, Grounds for Termination

February 21


01:00 am

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