We all know that with the age of the housing stock in Massachusetts, sooner all later, we’ll run into a property containing asbestos and have to remove it.  But do you know all of the materials that contain asbestos? And do you know where the responsibility lies for ensuring compliance? You can assume your contractor will deal with it properly, but that can cost you big time, since “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Gregory Levins has been with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection since 1982 and has focused mainly on asbestos-related issues since 1987. He is the Section Chief of the Asbestos Program and the Environmental Strike Force. Greg has all the same certifications as those in private industry.

You will hear:

  • A walk through of the regulatory requirements
  • How the Department deals with intentional vs unintentional violations
  • What you must do before you disturb any materials
  • Where the liability lies in non-compliance
  • How to tell what materials contain asbestos, some obvious and some not so much, with photos of examples
  • The latitude and discretion that the DEP has as a department when deciding who is a target

February 21


01:00 am

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