·         How much below list should you offer on a short sale?

·         Trying to flip a short sale and everyone says you can’t?

·         How can you get a rehab loan on a short sale with a 120% deed restriction?

One of the most talked-about subjects among any group of investors is short sales:  the stresses, the rates of approval, the BPO, the offer price and the time to close, and the list goes on and on.

Maryann Little has been successfully negotiating short sales since 2009 and has successfully negotiated hundreds of them with a 98% success rate.  We’re going to ask her the questions that everyone wants to know.

You will hear:

·         When does a short sale have a 90 day deed restriction from the shorting lender?

·         How can you restructure this if it has a 120% encumbrance limitation and you need a construction loan?

·         How can you wholesale a short sale?  Legally?

·         What is the average time to close on a short sale now, and how has the 150-day right to cure impacted the rate of short sale approvals?

·         How can you know how much to offer below list price and still have a prayer of getting your short sale approved?

·         What do you do when the BPO is way off?

How does the negotiation differ between large and small banks?



March 6


01:00 am

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