Have you noticed that more and more distressed sale properties come with deed or encumbrance restrictions from the selling bank?  When was the last time you could wholesale a short sale?  Do these deals run into snags at the last minute that stop the closing dead in it’s tracks?

Meghan Grugnale is a conveyancing attorney in MA and NH specializing in investor’s deals, and she excels at pulling rabbits out of a hat when it’s down to the wire.  She will discuss some of the more difficult scenarios, how to deal with them and get the tough deals done.

You will hear:

  • Types of back to back transactions and the difficulty level of closing each one
  • When you can use C’s money to pay A
  • How to smooth the process of a back to back closing or transactional funding deal
  • When wholesale fees must show on the HUD
  • When in the process to bring in the attorney
  • What contracts are not assignable
  • When you must take title

Bring your questions and your scenarios – each deal is a little different, and we’ll have a Q&A on how to handle it.  Plan to order dinner, drinks or a snack, we are grateful to Ristorante Marcellino for giving us the space to allow us to offer you free events!


February 21


01:00 am

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