We have put our heads together at Black Diamond and come up with a new game, where you can play poker (if you want to), have a few laughs, meet new people, and win money. What’s not to like?
What do you need to do to play?

  1. Show up
  2. Team up with 7 of your closest friends (or new people you haven’t met yet, we’ll group you if you don’t have 7 friends 🙂
  3. Get dealt a poker hand
  4. Find out which team has the best hand
  5. Winners of two rounds will have a chance to tell a real estate story (if they want to): it can be true, fake, funny, horrible, or great. Make it up, or tell us what really happened, your choice!
  6. Audience will vote on the best real estate stories to see who wins!
Play for fun and prizes – we’re giving away cash and more, with a top prize of $100! And everyone who tells a story gets a prize too!
Or if you don’t want to play, but just want to network, we have plenty of time for that, and the cash bar will be open! Join us for dinner, drinks or both. You can order both drinks and food in the meeting room!

February 21


01:00 am

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