As a self employed real estate investor, are you wondering how you are going to defer taxes on your income this year?  Your IRA allows you to put in up to $6,500 per year depending on age, but that’s not much help.  And it’s going to be a long slow road to build up that nest egg at that rate.

If you’re working for someone else, they may have a 401(k) plan you can participate in, but if you make the jump to self employment, then what ?

Enter the 401(k) for the self employed:   A largely misunderstood and frequently overlooed retirement vehicle, the 401(k) provides huge tax benefits and investing opportunities.

You will learn:

  • What a Solo (individual) 401(k) plan is, who can use one and who can’t!
  • The components of the plans and contribution limits:  up to $52,000 per year
  • Huge contributions for full-time self-employed
  •  Full-time in a job and working in your real estate business at the same time – when you can use a plan
  • Examples of what you can do with them and with a Self Directed IRA

Rajeev Kotyan is a principal at NUA Advisors, and specializes in non-traditional investments including real estate, notes and other vehicles utilizing self-directed IRAs.  Join us as we learn to expand our investing options.


March 5


01:00 am

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