“I wish I knew someone who is knowledgeable about < fill in the blank > so I could ask them about …” This happens to all of us. We have questions and don’t know the right person to ask. Or, we thought we did, but it turns out that we need even more information.

We’ve assembled a group of local experts (I hate the term expert, because there is always someone who knows more) who are knowledgeable on a variety of topics. Each one will moderate a roundtable for that topic, and you can ask each moderator any questions you like. There may be more than one moderator on a given topic, so you get a twofer!  If they don’t know what you need to know, they probably have a connection who can.

You may jump around from table to table, or hang out at one or two. If you are new,

here is your chance. If you are experienced, we may need your expertise, so please show up and help us out. You might

even pick up a few new customers!

Some of our topics will include:

  • Rehabbing & Flipping
  • Marketing & Wholesaling
  • Short Sales
  • Larger Deals & Multi-Family Properties
  • Hard Money & Conventional Financing
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Law
  • Insurance
  • 1031 Exchanges

If you have additional topics you’d like to have us add, please let us know.


February 21


01:00 am

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