We’ve all seen conditions at a property that hurt its value:  Railroad tracks, steep driveways, busy roads, etc.  And we’ve all mentally discounted the property by some amount that we hope is enough.  And most of us, if we’re honest, have been tripped up by one or two of them.

At this event we will discuss some of the more common “Apologies” and how to put a number or a percentage to each.  Audience participation with real world examples will be encouraged, and we will draw up a list with the conclusions and ranges at the end of the evening.  We will also address how these factors impact rents, if at all.

Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • Commercial adjacent to property
  • Busy street / numbered route
  • Power Lines / transformers
  • Wet basements
  • Swimming pools
  • Ugly neighbors
  • Sewer plants (does anyone specialize in sewer plants?)
  • Steep / Long / Shared Driveways or a house downhill from the road

So bring your experiences or your curiosity, and join us for a highly interactive meeting with plenty of discussion and case studies.


February 21


01:00 am

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