If you missed the first half of this series, or even if you didn’t, be sure to mark your calendars this time!

  • Do you need a Quick and Dirty way to estimate your rehab?    
  • How does 20 minutes sound?  
  • Are you a Wholesaler seeking ways to get a quick rehab estimate? 
  • Are you a rehabber looking for ways to submit offers faster?
  • While you’re waiting for your contractor, does someone else get it under contract?  

This is the second of two parts on rehab estimating, and covers exterior repairs and mechanical systems, presented by Julio E Vega.    We’re going to go through a property and give you the “Rules of Thumb” that will help you do the Quick and Dirty estimate in about 20 minutes.  This is not a substitute for going through the property with your contractor in detail, or developing a detailed scope of work and contract, but will allow you to quickly estimate what a rehab will cost so you can make an offer on the spot.


You will see:

  • Actual numbers
  • Sample photos of what we are discussing



March 6


01:00 am

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