There are horror stories all over the internet and the REIAs about landlords and sellers being successfullysued for housing discrimination, when both renting and selling, and to make it even worse, the landlorddidn’t even think they were in violation!  So how do you make sure you are not discriminating, but still protecting your rights? 

Join us for an overview and update on fair housing tailored to anyone who sells or rents property in Massachusetts, including an update on the forms of housing discrimination and protected categories, details about the rights of tenants with disabilities, and information about lawful and unlawful rental and sales advertising.  Selena Walckner, Housing Discrimination Investigator at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination will be speaking on these topics which are critical to successfully managing your rentals and sales.

You will learn:

  • Whether you can evict a tenant for growing marijuana in their unit
  • When you can turn down a student as tenant
  • How to avoid being sued for housing discrimination, or at least being successfully sued
  • Whether you can decline to sell to or rent to afamily with young children when you think you have lead paint
  • What you can say in your advertising, and what will get you in hot water
  • If a tenant or applicant requests a ramp, should you comply?  And when?

February 21


01:00 am

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