Have you heard that Dodd Frank will change real estate investing and put you out of business?  Are all the scary predictions true?  Or is the industry just trying to sell you more books,tapes and courses?

As we affectionately refer to it, Dudd Funk became law on January 10, 2014 and there is lots of hype surrounding it’s implementation.  Get the lowdown on what changes have really occurred, how they impact your investing business, and what to do now.

Rob Benson is a Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager at Gladewater National Bank, and processes gazillions of loans (well, maybe not gazillions, but lots).  He’ll give us the straight scoop on how we must
change with the new laws
, and what hasn’t changed at all.

You will hear:

  • An overview of the new law so you know what the broad brush outline is
  • How these laws impact your acquisition and exit strategies
  • Whether lease options are truly dead, or simply on life-support
  • The 8 criteria you must meet to legally provide seller

March 5


01:00 am

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