Everyone is talking about it, many are doing it,and some are profiting from it! From renting a room in someone’s apartment, to a vacation homes that people rent out part time, all the way to full blown businesses: The short-term rental explosion is changing markets. It changes the way we vacation, and it changes the way we travel on business. It changes our expectations of income and workload as real estate investors.
We are gathering multiple investors with varying experiences in the short-term rental market to give you a diverse perspective on what’s happening in this niche. Some love it, some are making money, and some think it’s not worth the hassle.
We will discuss:
  • Where people are successfully renting short term
  • Which platforms they use to find tenants
  • How profitable is it, really?
  • How much extra work is it? And how do you handle the extra management and turnover?
  • Compliance, regulations and taxes
  • How to furnish it?
  • And what about the nightmare tenant who won’t leave?
  • City vs. vacation destinations
  • Ski rentals
  • Owning the property vs leasing from the owner: what to watch for
  • How Expedia is changing the short-term rental world
  • The list goes on!



February 21


01:00 am

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