Who thinks taxes are going down?

Not anyone I know. So, now that you’re doing more deals, it’s time to look for creative strategies to save on taxes and protect what you’ve made.

At our JanuaryNetworking After Hours, you’ll learn:

· Choosing the right entity for your type of real estate investing (it matters!)

· Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming corporations – now you can find out the real deal about whether to pay those big bucks for foreign corporations, or whether you should take a pass.

· Overlooked business deductions – Comparing tax deductions across the various types of entities

· Advanced and sophisticated strategies for tax reduction and asset protection utilizing entity structure

Many of us have heard Joe Craft (CPA/PFS, CFP) speak at the local REIA’s, and he’s done a great job educating us. Now he’s here at Black Diamond to cover material he’s never presented before. These are the more advanced techniques he uses with his sophisticated clients—not a beginner’s overview.

Believe me, as they said in the ad, “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” (I say, “Good thing, Oldsmobiles are history anyway!”)



March 9


01:00 am

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