We all know that rehabbing a distressed house is “Value-Add”, and don’t we all love to see the Before and After shots of a successful renovation? But for a real estate investor, that’s the obvious choice.

There are always more ways to add value (and increase equity or profit) that are not immediately apparent, so we’re going to touch on a few for both flips and buy and hold.

You will hear:

  • Whether a 200% return on an increase in rehab costs was worth the risk
  • Converting a 2 bedroom unit to a 4 bedroom unit by spending $600
  • How cluster zoning can be used to reduce costs and increase profits
  • When leveraging can add value
  • When sub-metering is allowed and how it changes tenant behavior
  • And more strategies being used in today’s market.



February 21


01:00 am

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